Digital Branding for VTech V.Smile




Digital Branding – Banner Ad

Client's Vision

The client wanted to promote a portable electronic learning device for children as a product that can be brought along to camping trips or any other outdoor fun activity.

The goal was to create an effective digital branding advertisement that would convey a subliminal message to the audience where children should not sacrifice their fun learning sessions whenever their parents take them out for a family trip.

Our Concept

To achieve what we want for this effective digital branding advertisement, we pictured the ideal scene to be under a shady tree on a sunny day with lush green grass by the riverbank.

Unfortunately, we could not find a stock photo that meets our criteria so we had to rely on our imagination to render the entire scene from scratch.

Mild “bokeh effect” was used to artificially create depth for the glistening river so that the audience’s attention is mainly focused on the client’s product

Finally, we chose to present the client’s product on a camping table together with a collection of popular learning cartridges, as well as some leaves to add realism to this effective digital branding artwork.