Digital Branding for New Monopoly Avengers




Digital Branding – Banner Ad

Client's Vision

The client needed a captivating banner ad to promote the Monopoly Avengers board game during their roadshow advertising campaign. The initial idea suggested by the client was to have the leader of Marvel’s Avengers, Captain America, endorsing the board game by holding it up.

Our Concept

Due to character licensing issues, we had to come up with an alternative way of presentation that would still deliver what the client wanted but without using any Marvel Superhero character in our digital branding work.

In order to achieve this, we had to design the background of the banner to resemble the living room of Captain America’s crib. To make our audience perceive this fantasy, we propped his iconic shield against a wall and subtly hung a poster of Avengers above it. As an added bonus, we even superimposed a vague scene of the movie on the TV screen.

To draw audience’s attention to the client’s product, we decided to place an unboxed Monopoly Avengers board game on top of a glossy black table with its original box standing behind. The idea is to create the illusion that the game is being played halfway by the crib’s owner and his team.