Digital Branding for TechRuncit




Digital Branding – Banner Ad and Splash Cover Image

Client's Vision

The client was looking for a creative digital branding agency that could help them create a splash cover image and banner ad for their Facebook Page shop.

The idea proposed by the client was to have their products featured in a lush green outdoor environment.

Our Concept

The goal was to come up with a creative digital branding artwork that would feature three models of the client’s latest products in a fresh green outdoor scenery.

On one hand, we understood what the client wanted but at the same time, we also knew the rich details of an outdoor scenery would take away the audience’s attention from what really matters.

In order to strike a balance between both, we cleverly applied the “bokeh effect” on a green background with different tones of green to create the illusion of a blurry lush green meadow.

To make the creative digital branding artwork even more believable as an outdoor shoot, we rendered some leaves and a ladybug as props.

Finally, we rendered a display table in front of the background to seamlessly display the client’s products and price tags as real objects.