Logo Design for African Fashion


African Fashion


Logo Design
Offline Branding – Company Uniform

Client's Vision

The client wanted to re-brand its product line of modern contemporary African fashion with a brand new authentic logo design that has its own unique emblem.

Our Concept

The goal was to create an authentic logo design that is deep-rooted with the African identity while retaining a modern outlook.

In order to achieve this, we came up with the idea of using the lowercase letter ‘a’ in the word, African, as the logo emblem to represent the brand. To make the emblem bold and unique, we decided to embed the letter with beautiful zebra stripes to symbolize its African origin.

Choosing the right colors for the logo is most challenging stage of design as the client wanted their brand to stand out in their company uniform.  After a long session of brainstorming, we concluded that the most ideal color for the entire authentic logo design would be white.

Having a white colored authentic logo design would not only have a clear contrast against their brown uniform but also the vivid colors used in the client’s fashion line. In terms of psychology, white also emits a sense of purity, equality and a fresh start that matches with the client’s fashion concept.